Monday, 30 January 2017

These Countries with Business Links to Trump Aren’t Part of His Immigration Ban

Concepts of Thinking: Patterns and Trends, Geographic Perspective, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: How might the Presidents business dealings impact the safety of this region? 

Activity: Create a spatial journal of the area to document what has and is happening in these countries. Conduct an issue analysis of the conflict of interest in this region. Develop a possible solution and communicate solution via story map to the appropriate audience.

Friday, 27 January 2017

NASA Study Shows Global Sea Ice Diminishing, Despite Antarctic Gains

Concepts of Thinking: Spatial Significance, Patterns and Trends

Inquiry: How might the difference in sea ice impact communities around the world? How might this loss of ice best be addressed?

Activity: Gather data regarding sea ice. Chart information and observe possible patters and trends. Create maps or access maps showing sea ice. How might spatial significance impact sea ice? What should be done to help maintain the sea ice? Create a story map to communicate results.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The war on baby girls winds down The Economist

Concepts of Thinking: Patterns and Trends, Spatial Significance, 

Inquiry: How might this change impact communities? Why might it have taken this long for views to change?

Activity: Gather data on sex ratios around the world and create an annotated map. Observe any patterns. Evaluate and draw conclusion regard this trend. Communicate results in a story map.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Flooding More Than Doubled Across Europe in 35 Years By Arthur Neslen, The Guardian

Concepts of Thinking: Spatial Significance, Patterns and Trends, Interrelationships

Inquiry: How might communities deal with this increase in flooding? What might the next 35 years look like?

Activity: Gather data on flooding in the region and map out. Create maps and graphs to analysis and make prediction on what might happen. Develop an action plan on how communities may best prepare for flooding in the future. Communicate via story map

Just one-third of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing  Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationship , Spatial ...