Tuesday, 30 October 2018

These will be the world's megacities in 2030 World Economic Forum

Concepts of Geographic Perspective:
Patterns and Trends, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: What might be the global impacts of these mega cities

Activity: Gather information on mega cities. Create a spatial journal of the cities to help determine spatial significance. Conduct an issue analysis to help develop a plan to help reduce the environmental impacts of mega cities and communicate via story map

Monday, 29 October 2018

Europe’s dirty air kills 400,000 people every year

Concepts of Geographic Thinking:

Inquiry: How might the issue of air pollution be better addressed so that 400, 000 people do not need to die? Where else might people be a risk?

Activity: Conduct an issue analysis to help develop a plan of action. Conduct research in to Europe's air pollution and around the world. Catalogue current strategies to deal with air pollution. Determine areas that most at risk and create a spatial journal. Develop an implementation plan that can be communicated via story map.

How to dispose of human waste on Mount Everest  Oct 25th 2018 | GORAKSHEP, The Economist

Concepts of Geographic Thinking: Interrelationships, Patterns and Trends, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: How might human waste be managed in a sustainable manner on the mountain?

Activity:  To develop an understanding of the issue conduct an issue analysis. Then conduct some research into human waste disposal methods.  Determine a method the would be appropriate for the spatial significance of the region and map out the most appropriate location in a spatial journal. Develop a plan to help implement the appropriate method that will help maintain the ecological sensitivity of the area. Communicate results via story map.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Explosion at Saint John refinery raises questions over how information was shared with public By 

Inquiry: How might this explosion impact communities? 

Activity: Gather information on the oil refinery to determine the life cycle of the oil coming into the refinery. Create a spatial journal to identify some of the location Irving Oil gets it's resource from. Conduct an issue analysis and develop a strategy to help deal with future issue regarding oil transportation. Communicate results via story map.

Just one-third of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing  Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationship , Spatial ...