Monday, 18 December 2017

Winter sun destinations: 10 top trips

Concepts of thinking: Spatial Significance, Patterns and Trends

Inquiry: Where might the best vacation spot for you be? What might be the most important criteria when deciding the best location?

Activity: Create a spatial journal of the top location. Examine for spatial significance and patterns and trends. Conduct an issue analysis of a location to determine an action plan on how to promote the location via story map.

Friday, 15 December 2017

'Slow-moving crisis' as Beijing bolsters South China Sea war platform   

Concepts of Thinking: Spatial Significance, Geographic Perspective

Inquiry: Why might the South China Sea be indisput? 

Activity: Create a spatial journal of the region. Identify areas of interest and other data that may help determine the spatial significance of this region. Conduct an issue analysis and develop an action plan that can be communicated via story map.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

World Bank to end financial support for oil and gas exploration 

 Economics editor Tuesday 12 December 2017 

 World Bank  should invest this money now. Communicate via story map.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Women in sub-Saharan Africa forced into sex to pay hospital bills, study says

Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationships, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: How might people get involved to better empower the women? Why is this practise allowed to continue? What might be the best way to end this practise? What might be the ramifications of this practice?

Activity: Gather information on this situation and other such sex trafficking. Create spatial journal to help determine where this practise is occurring.  Conduct an issue analysis to help develop a course of action. Create a story map to communicate the plan of action to an appropriate audience.

Sir Richard Branson and BMR Energy Call for Renewable Energy Rebuild in the Caribbean

Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationships, Geographic Perspective, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: Which alternative energy sources might be best suited for the region? How might other countries move forward with renewable energies?

Activity: Conduct research on renewable energy sources. Examine the the spatial significance of the Caribbean to determine where to place certain renewable energy source. Conduct an issue analysis to help determine a plan of action for the Caribbean. Communicate the plan via story map to an appropriate audience.  Do some further investigation to compare how this plan of action might compare to other countries or regions?

Just one-third of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing  Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationship , Spatial ...