Monday, 23 April 2018

Could sprinkling sand save the Arctic's shrinking sea ice?  in Utqiaġvik, Alaska

Inquiry: What might the result of spreading silica over the ice caps be? Are there alternatives that might be more practicile? How should communities proceed with the reduction of ice caps melting?

Activity: Gather data on ice caps melting. Create a spatial journal to identify locations of areas of concern, if there are any specific places. Conduct an issue analysis to compare potential solutions and determine the most appropriate solution. Communicate via story map.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

UK may record hottest April day in almost 70 years
Concepts of Geographic Thinking:
Interrelationships, Patterns and Trends, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: How might this episode impact the citizens of the UK? How might this impact other parts of the world? What might the connection be between Canada's weather?

Activity: Collect data of temperature over the last 70 years in the UK and globally to create a spatial journal of the data. What pattern can be observed? Conduct an issue analysis to help devise a plan of action and communicate via story map.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Canadian drug mule sentenced in Australia for cocaine cruise The Canadian Press

Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationships, Geographic Perspective, Spatial Significance

Inquiry: How might drug smuggling impact the Travel industry? Who really is the criminal and how should they be treated?

Activity: Gather data on where this type of smuggling takes place. Create a spatial journal indicating place of origin and destination. Conduct an issue analysis and develop a strategy to deal with this issue. Communicate your result to an appropriate audience via story map.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Renewables grew twice as fast as fossil fuels in 2017.

Inquiry: How might this trend impact future energy development projects?

Activity: Gather data regarding renewables from a variety of sources. Create a spatial journal to determine the role spatial significance plays in the production and type of renewable utilized. Identify the stakeholders and conduct an issue analysis. From the information gathered and mapped make a suggestion on how the world should progress. Communicate via story map.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Climate Atlas Canada 

This Climate Change resource has a variety of resources to help cover the topic of climate change in Canada.

Through articles, videos, and an interactive map the geographic concepts of thinking help teachers and students gain a better understanding of the impacts of climate change.

Just one-third of the world's longest rivers remain free-flowing  Geographic Concepts of Thinking: Interrelationship , Spatial ...